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Download three character lesson plans for students.

We have developed a full character curriculum of 63 lesson plans, recommended by the PSHE association as part of their character planning toolkit. Lessons are now being used in over 150 schools, including those in challenging communities as well as many high performing ones, such as Colchester County High School for Girls. They have incorporated lessons throughout years 7 to 11, while also offering specific support in years 12 and 13, to help their students better manage the high expectations placed on them.

Click the button below to download three of the lesson plans to use with your students - there are over 24 pages, from our sets covering resilience, growth mindset and coaching skills.

Students jumping for joy after taking lessons that build independence

These resources cover a wide range of topics, including building resilience, growth mindset, coaching skills, leadership skills, self-management, self-regulation, goal setting, planning, and public speaking.

We also have resources on mindset mastery and to support the Outstanding Wellbeing Programmes. To find out more about the resources we have for students, please get in touch.


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