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Research in the Health Service

Independent wellbeing research undertaken within the Health Service, has consistently shown employee wellbeing to be linked with performance, patient care, welfare and mortality.

Among the highlights from findings are:

  • Evidence of a causal link between employee wellbeing and performance outcomes.

  • That there is a relationship between employee wellbeing and employee reported patient care and patient reported patient care.

  • Employee wellbeing is a driver of patient care performance and seeking to systematically enhance employee wellbeing is not only important in its own right but also for the quality of patient experiences.

  • Local climate is important, even for high performing employees in demanding jobs.
Patient and Financial outcomes are correlated with employee wellbeing according to wellbeing research in the NHS.
  • It is important to monitor employee wellbeing and target resources to areas known to be problematic.

  • Management practices are significantly linked to NHS employee health and wellbeing. This is linked to multiple outcomes, including employee absenteeism, turnover, agency spend, patient satisfaction, infection rates, and annual health check performance. The associated financial costs of these can be significant.

There are many reports and we will be happy to share them with you. If you do review those we have highlighted you can be confident that a focus on staff wellbeing is the fastest way to improve long term, performance and results.

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