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Did you know that according to the Health and Safety Executive's research there are six major risks for workplace stress.

These are areas where leaders and line managers can all make a difference. It is why ensuring 'wellbeing' is part of daily school behaviours, actions and culture is so important.


The Health and Safety Executive set out six major risk factors for workplace stress and staff wellbeing. Tackling these is a priority for schools wanting a high level of staff wellbeing, high performance, strong and sustainable results and more money back in their budget. These six areas are:

  • The Demands staff face (workload, work patterns and working environment).
  • The Control staff have (how much say they have in the way they do their work).
  • The Support staff receive (the encouragement from leaders and colleagues and the resources to which they have access).
  • Staff Relationships at work (the extent to which positive working practices and behaviours are encouraged and problems dealt with).
  • Their Role (whether staff clearly understand what is expected of them).
  • Change (how it’s managed and communicated to staff).

Tackling these will mean you better meet many of the growing challenges of staff absence, mental ill health, staff retention and recruitment and supply costs, as well as providing long-term support to delivering your school results.

Of course staff also suffer from stress and poor wellbeing as a result of things that happen outside work too, which is why social skills, empathy and making time for one to one conversations is a key requirement for leaders and line managers.

We are not talking about exercise or nutrition, as important as these are for long-term health. This is more about those things that might cause life challenges, for example, finances, family, relationships, and lack of sleep can all cause chronic stress. 

That's why it is right that you should help staff to develop coping strategies, but not before addressing those elements in your school's foundations that affect your environment and culture. In particular make sure that leaders know about and model those behaviours proven to prevent and reduce staff stress.

Once the foundations are secure, we can help with this too, through training, toolkits, guides and chat cards.

If you want to find out more about managing the risks in your school, improve staff wellbeing, reduce costs and raise your student's results then e-mail

You can also find out more and access FREE resources to help by visiting the Acceleration Academy here.

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