The Wellbeing Leadership Index

Looking after your staff so they 
look after you and your results 
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The best way to look after your staff is through having highly effective line managers across your school or Trust. Where each and everyone of them is able to engage their team members and create an environment where they are able to deliver of their best each day.

Evidence has shown that it is line managers that have the biggest impact on staff wellbeing and performance.  While improving staff wellbeing is the right thing to do, with the new Ofsted framework having a focus on workload reduction and likely to look at how leaders address staff wellbeing, there is an added incentive to take action.


You want to retain all your good staff and spend less time on recruiting new ones?

You want your school results to improve or to remain ​consistent at their current levels?

You want to provide lower lesson cover and greater consistency of teaching for students?

You want to raise staff morale and their engagement and satisfaction with their job

You want to reduce your costs to better meet your stretched budget?

You are busy and you're fed up of the frustration of wrestling with these challenges?

But aren't sure how to turn solving this into an actionable plan...

If it does, then you already know what a minefield it can be trying to ​find the Right support That makes the difference. 

That's why we have launched the Wellbeing Leadership Index.

This will allow you quickly and simply to measure all your line managers against a set of competencies proven to prevent and reduce stress and create a high performance culture. 

We have added this to our popular wellbeing questionnaire and other support to make it even easier to identify the main causes of poor staff wellbeing and take action to solve it.

Workload and other demands, lack of autonomy, the level of support provided, relationships, how well staff understand their role and how it fits with the aims of their school and change are the key determinants of how work impacts on staff wellbeing. These make up a set of management standards that schools can use to offset risks and improve wellbeing and engagement for staff.

They are what we measure when schools use our wellbeing questionnaire and they form the basis of prioritised actions that we provide.

Each of these is important, yet it is the behaviours of leaders and how each of these are managed that makes the biggest difference for staff. These create the school culture and determine the extent to which staff are engaged and satisfied by their work each day and how well they are likely to manage the pressures and stress they face. How staff are managed also has the biggest impact on their performance and retention.

Twelve competencies were identified through four phases of research at Goldsmiths, University of London and funded by the Health and Safety Executive, Investors in People and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

If leaders consistently demonstrate the behaviours behind these competencies then staff feel lower stress and greater engagement. They are more likely to willingly go the extra mile too.

How does the index work?

Simply ask every staff member to complete the anonymous questionnaire through your unique school link and we do the rest. We will also advise you on how to get a high participation rate.

Once complete you will receive a full report setting out:

  • Your schools score against the index.
  • Scores for each of the twelve competencies.
  • A set of prioritised saction, including populating your schools leadership and soft skills continuing professional development.
  • Plus a results review and planning call.

Focusing on these will bring you the fastest improvements and the benefits shown below.

Benefits of Running Your Wellbeing Leadership Index Questionnaire

The benefits of taking the right action and improving the skills of your line managers are significant. You can only do this by measuring your current position first and knowing where to focus.

The benefits include:

  • A reduction in staff stress and absences
  • Fewer staff likely to join those with mental health issues due to workplace stress
  • Improved morale, job satisfaction and staff engagement
  • Fewer staff leaving and lower recruitment needs
  • Improved staff attraction and recruitment (over time)
  • Reduced staff costs (including absence, turnover, recruitment), with savings likely to be well into five figures each year, depending on school size
  • Improved student outcomes
  • Informs training, leadership development and succession planning needs

Your Investment is just £247 + VAT

If you do not return this investment several times over within 12 months through reduced training costs, lower absence and turnover then it is unlikely you will have successfully implemented the recommended actions!

This should not be a cost and the return on investment significant. You can order your Wellbeing Leadership Index Questionnaire (and results) by using the button below (and paying by card). As soon as your order is confirmed we will be in touch to set everything up for you.

If you prefer to order using an invoice or have questions before you order then please 


Or call: 01277 554001

Mark Solomons
Founder, CEO, Speaker, Author

Mark Solomons is known as a UK expert in raising and sustaining staff performance.

He's created four separate enterprises in the last 9 years that have benefited over 230,000 students and many thousands of school leaders and teachers. He's also authored three books, including Building Resilience: 7 Steps to Creating Successful Lives. 

His latest support, launched in 2017, the Wellbeing Accelerator for Schools, provides a simple evidence backed and inexpensive process for schools to measure and improve wellbeing, accelerate performance and results, reduce costs and become the school of choice to attract and retain staff. It does need school leaders and staff to take action and results will therefore vary. There are no short cuts or quick fixes for long-term change, though there are quick wins that can make an immediate impact.

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